On the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci

Follow in Leonardo’s footsteps in the land of his birth: in Vinci, where you can discover the Genius’ hauts and try ” stepping into the shoes” of the artist and man of science thanks to the Leonardo’s gaze workshop at the Museo Leonardiano; on the evocative Montalbano hillsides wich Leonardo coverd the lenght and breadth of in search of inspiration for his studies of nature; in neighbouring Cerreto Guidi, Empoli, Fucecchio and Montelupo Fiorentino, wich still preserve precious testimonials of the Italian Renaissance intact. Particularly recommended in May and June during the Leonardo Celebration.

Where: Vinci ans surrounding areas.

The package includes:

- day accomodation in our beb

- workshop for adults and children the Gaze of Leonardo at the Museo Leonardiano.

- guided walk to the housein Anchiano where Leonardo was born, along the Green Route and on the traails of Montalbano.

- entrance to the Lands of the Renaissance museums

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